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Our new production The Romans! explores the Roman invasion of Britain and Boudicca's uprising!

Trunk Theatre will take you back over 2000 years to Roman Britain! Learn about everything from the battles to the baths in this lightning fast play!

(Suitable for children 5-9)

Our production The Great Fire of London! tells the not so chilling tale from 1666. It's 100 miles an hour of silly educational fun!

 Let Trunk Theatre take you on a journey through the flaming streets of London. Learn all about the characters involved and the spooky past of our capital.

(Suitable for children 4-8)

Our production The Gunpowder Plot! tells the terrible tale of old and why we celebrate Fireworks Night. 

 Let Trunk Theatre take you back to 1605 and learn about Guy Fawkes and the dastadly plan he nearly brought to fruition. 

(Suitable for children 5-9)

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