Bookings for schools

We perform educational, fun shows for children all out of a trunk.

As the show fits into a trunk it can be performed almost anywhere. All we need is a 5m x 5m acting space and somewhere for the children to sit. 

We have two shows; The Great Fire of London!  and our new show The Gunpowder Plot! 

The shows are approximately 45 minutes long plus a 15 minute activity for the children afterwards where we roll out a huge roll of paper and all the children create a new version of London together. 

The show itself leads the children through the characters and events involved in story while giving facts and information in an engaging way. We incorporate singing, dancing and games for the children to keep them involved, and questions regarding the event are asked throughout. 

All of our actors are DBS checked and used to working with children. 

Once you have emailed us and agreed the dates and fee for the work, we will confirm all the details in writing.

If you would like to enquire further and find out about fees and available dates please email-



Thank you for performing at London Meed, we really enjoyed it and it made us laugh. We hope we can see you again one day. We loved it when we coloured in London and when we saw the suitcases all come out of the big case. We also loved the sounds and dressing up and when we did the dance to King Charles 11. The water pistols were funny especially when Freya squirted you. I hope you enjoyed performing the play to us and thank you again we really appreciated it. I thought Samuel Pepys was really good with the feather and diary. It made us feel like we were in the play and we learnt lots of facts and we talked about it at play time and talked about how you did the play. I gave you 10 out of 10!

Elsie from London Meed School Year 2

Miss Miranda Year 1,, teacher "I truly enjoyed the experience of the trunk theatre, children were able to enhance their learning through a different experience. It made it real and approachable to the children and the knowledge they obtained from the workshop was great. Children enjoyed the play which was very interactive and the final task was truly engaging". 

Miss Miranda Teacher Year 1 at Hounslow Town Primary 

 I liked the trunk theatre when they were trying to put out the fire, it was so funny!

School Review from Seamus at Hounslow Town Primary Year 1